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5 questions clients ask me about website care plans

By 6th June 2024No Comments9 min read
questions clients ask me about website care plans

A website care plan is a service designed to maintain and secure a website, ensuring it functions optimally. Just like any other digital asset, a website requires regular updates, backups, and security checks to stay in peak condition. Neglecting these aspects can lead to a host of issues, from slow performance to security breaches.

Just like your car, your website needs regular maintenance. This comes in the form of software updates, security updates and performance optimisation.

If you don’t look after your website, you run the risk of your website breaking down. This could cause you to lose revenue through lost sales or enquiries.

You also need to remember that there are unfortunately some bad apples in the world. It’s common for most websites to be targeted by multiple automated hacking attempts each day. 

Attackers look for weaknesses that they can exploit. If an attacker gains entry, you could suffer from data loss, malicious content being uploaded or even just a defaced website. All very unpleasant actions that can be very damaging for your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Website care plans are essential for maintaining security and functionality.
  • Even small websites need regular updates and monitoring.
  • Professionals save you time and handle updates and issues efficiently.
  • Care plans include a range of services from updates to performance optimisation.
  • Hosting companies provide basic maintenance but lack personalised care.

Website care plans are essential for maintaining the health and security of your site. Regular updates ensure that all software components are up to date, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.

Care plans include regular backups, which are crucial for restoring your site in case of data loss or corruption. Imagine your website is infected with malware. Without a recent backup, restoring your site to its previous state can be a nightmare. A care plan helps you avoid these scenarios, ensuring your website remains secure and functional.

Consider the story of a local bakery, whose website went down due to a malware attack. The downtime resulted in lost online orders and frustrated customers. With a proper care plan in place, the website could have been restored quickly from a recent backup, avoiding this disruption – and unsold vanilla slices!

Regardless of the size or complexity of your website, it still needs regular maintenance. Even small websites are vulnerable to security threats and can benefit from performance optimisation.

Plugins and themes frequently release updates to patch security holes or improve functionality. Ignoring these updates can leave your site exposed. Routine monitoring can detect issues before they become major problems, ensuring your site remains accessible and efficient for your users.

Even a simple blog or portfolio site can slow down over time due to various factors like unoptimised images or outdated plugins. Regular maintenance keeps your site running smoothly and ensures a positive user experience.

WordPress website care plan

While it’s possible to run updates yourself, it’s not always advisable. Updates can sometimes cause compatibility issues or even break your site if not handled correctly.

By leaving it to a professional, you save time and avoid the hassle of troubleshooting technical problems. A web professional has the expertise to manage these updates smoothly, ensuring everything runs seamlessly. Plus, they can address any issues that arise during the process, giving you peace of mind.

Updates might seem straightforward, but they can introduce unexpected issues, like plugin conflicts or theme incompatibilities. Professionals have the experience to quickly resolve these issues, minimising downtime and ensuring your website remains operational.

A comprehensive care plan typically includes a range of services designed to keep your website running smoothly. Our care plans include:

Regular Updates: Keeping your CMS, themes, and plugins up to date.

Protecting your site against potential threats. This involves real-time monitoring of suspicious activities and proactive measures to prevent breaches.

Regular backups are stored securely to ensure quick recovery in case of issues.

Ensuring your site loads quickly and runs efficiently. This includes optimising images, managing caching, and fine-tuning server settings.

Ongoing support to address any problems or queries. This can range from minor tweaks to significant overhauls, ensuring your website evolves with your business needs.

While hosting companies often provide basic backups and updates, they typically don’t offer the same level of personalised care and attention as a dedicated website care plan.

Hosting companies focus on the server’s overall health, not on the individual needs of your site. They might not address specific security vulnerabilities or perform detailed performance optimisations.

A website designer or developer who offers a care plan will tailor their services to your website’s unique needs, ensuring it receives the dedicated attention it deserves.

With a dedicated care plan, you get a comprehensive approach to maintenance, including security checks, updates, performance enhancements, and personalised support – something hosting companies often lack.

Why bother with a care plan? My website seems fine.

Your website might seem fine now, but just like a car, it needs regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns. Care plans prevent outdated software and security vulnerabilities, keeping your site safe and running smoothly. Imagine losing sales because a critical update crashed your website – a care plan stops that from happening.

My website is tiny, surely it doesn’t need professional care?

Even small websites are targets for hackers, and even minor glitches can frustrate visitors. Care plans ensure you have the latest security patches and keep your site running at peak performance. Regular backups are also essential – you never know when you might need to restore your website in a hurry.

Can’t I just handle updates myself?

Technically, yes. But updates can sometimes cause unforeseen conflicts. A website care plan includes monitoring for these issues and having an expert on hand to fix any hiccups. It’s peace of mind, allowing you to focus on running your business.

What do care plans typically cover?

Care plans vary, but ours typically include:
• Regular security updates and malware scans to keep your website safe.
• Performance monitoring and optimisation to ensure a fast-loading, user-friendly experience.
• Content updates, broken link checks, and fresh content to keep visitors engaged.
• Backups and disaster recovery to safeguard your website in case of problems.
• Technical support for minor website issues and troubleshooting.

Isn’t this what my hosting company already does?

Hosting companies often offer basic care plans, but these usually focus on server maintenance and backups. They might not have the expertise to handle website-specific issues or tailor a plan to your unique needs. A web developer understands your website’s ins and outs and can provide a more personalised service.

Website care plans are crucial for maintaining the security, functionality, and overall health of your website. From ensuring regular updates and backups to providing comprehensive security monitoring and performance optimisation, these plans offer peace of mind and protect your digital investment.

By investing in a website care plan, you can avoid common pitfalls such as security breaches, data loss, and performance issues. Even small or simple websites benefit from regular maintenance and professional oversight, ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently. While hosting companies offer basic maintenance, a dedicated care plan provides personalised and comprehensive care tailored to your specific needs.

Incorporating a care plan into your website strategy is an essential step towards ensuring your online presence remains robust and resilient, safeguarding your business and enhancing user experience.

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